We offer a range of different services suitable for our teens and young adults. We have a subsidised speech and language therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy services and an education service as well as a range of day trips and outings.

Speech and Language Therapy

Individuals with Down Syndrome may have difficulty with communication. They may have difficulty understanding what is being said to them and they may have difficulty expressing themselves. They may also have difficulty developing clear speech. The branch operated a full time SLT service throughout the year. It is a subsidised service and parents who are involved in bag packing also receive a €20 credit voucher against the cost of SLT.

The Speech and Language Therapist will work with our teens and young adults to develop the following skills:

  • Vocabulary Development
  • Sentence Structure – Learning how to build up sentences.
  • Understanding Auditory Information – Helping adults to follow directions, and to develop memory skills.
  • Social Skills Development
  • Alternative forms of communication – LAMH, PECS, iPad device.

Individual speech and language therapy sessions are offered at the DS Cork Centre, with group therapy offered during the summer months.


We provided a subsidised Physiotherapy Service which also included information seminars for parents.

The service is run by Julie Gilmore who is a chartered physiotherapist. Julie is a parent of a child with DS and has over 20 years of experience in physiotherapy. She has a specific interest in sensory integration and use therapy balls, swings and trampolines to increase motor and sensory input. She provides treatment as either a home based visit or in a therapy clinic.

Physiotherapy goals for teenage children

If they haven’t started already your child should be fully engaged in at least one sporting activity. There are lots of activities to suit from team sports such as soccer ,football, basketball, group sports such as swimming and athletics and sports that develop core muscle strength e.g. martial arts and gymnastics.

In addition try to balance the time spent in sedentary activities with periods of activity e.g. encourage your child to walk/cycle where possible.

This is also a time for weight gain so try and make treats non food based – suitable treats/rewards can be phone credit or a cinema outing.

Physiotherapy goals for young adults

Encourage your young adult to continue with sport, if they are not then make sure regular exercise is a priority for your family, walking is one of the best way to maintain physical fitness and its free, all you need are a good pair of runners!

Make a household rule to try not to have the television and computer on round the clock, time spent sitting on the sofa is time wasted.

As we age we need to stay active, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, walking the dog and running errands all contribute to our fitness.

Occupational Therapy Service

A subsidised Occupational Therapy Service is also supported by the branch. Concerns are typically raised when a child is experiencing difficulty with everyday functional tasks. These can range from functional difficulties in the classroom, difficulty using a scissors (for example) to difficulty dressing or toileting at home or academic challenges in the classroom. Difficulties with functional skills are most obvious and are easily identified when you compare the child to their peer group. If he/she is not able, or has difficulty, completing tasks that their peer group can manage, then occupational therapy may be an option. Occupational therapy session can be conducted on an individual or group basis and for further information ring us at 021 43 00 444.

Social Events

  • Halliwick Swimming Lessons
  • Christmas Party
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Cycling Lessons
  • Day Trips
  • FAI Soccer Camps
  • Dance Classes
  • And Much More…

  Forthcoming events will be posted on the website and on facebook so watch this space!


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