Welcome and Congratulations on the birth of your new baby!

We know that when a new parent or expectant parent receives a diagnosis of Down Syndrome it can be difficult to take in such unexpected news and if you are like most parents you will have little idea of what Down Syndrome will mean to your child and family. We also understand that the feelings of joy at having your new baby may be mixed with a wide range of emotions such as anxiety, shock, guilt and disappointment. These emotions are normal in the circumstances. You will also have questions that you need answers to.

At Down Syndrome Cork, we would like to tell you that you are not alone and we are here to support you now and into the future. We can offer you the opportunity to speak to other parents and to professionals who can support you at this time. You may have memories of people with Down Syndrome from the past but times have changed. We can provide you with a realistic picture of what it can be like raising a child with Down Syndrome.

We will answer your questions honestly and we will be there for you with a listening ear. We have information and supports which we can make available to you via email, post or when you are ready, call to us at our offices in the Kilnap Business Park on the Old Mallow Road. Down Syndrome Cork also has a qualified Parents Link counsellor who can meet with you to offer support and can answer questions you may find difficult to ask of others.

With early interventions, specialist support and most of all your love, your child will grow up to live a happy, rewarding and fulfilled life and we hope to be with you and your child on this journey. Like many journeys into the future the first steps are always the most difficult. If you would like to talk, text or email, here are our details:

Welcome Baby Boxes


Welcome baby boxes were introduced to CUMH in 2013. They are for the parents of new babies born with Down syndrome. The staff of CUMH gift the baby boxes on our behalf and no personal details are given to DSCork.

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