Numicon Training One-Day Workshop

Date: 28th for September 2016 and second day on 27th of September if sufficient demand.

Tutor: Cecilie McKinnon, Downsability UK

What is numicon?

Numicon is a maths teaching programme that uses a series of structured images to represent numbers. In the Numicon approach, the children use multi-sensory activities with patterned shapes, rods, number lines, and a broad range of everyday experiences and contexts so that their understanding of number ideas is very richly varied. Children enjoy the Numicon approach, which plays to their strong sense of pattern. Their enthusiasm and increased confidence leads them to persevere. This in turn leads to deeper understanding and raised achievement.

Who is numicon for?

The Numicon approach first began to be developed practising teachers in UK mainstream schools as an approach that would support children of all ages and abilities, and success was quickly shown in dramatically improved SATs scores across the whole ability range.

However carefully conducted research undertaken with children with Down Syndrome has demonstrated all these children following the Numicon approach made better progress than other children with Down syndrome not using the system, whilst some children made considerably more progress than their counterparts who were not using the Numicon approach. Other conclusions were that, “[Numicon] enables teaching staff to ‘see’ what the child is thinking, which is important for identifying both successes and confusions in the child’s understanding”, and “Children are motivated to engage with the materials as they are so attractive, and they develop confidence in maths work as they can succeed with the materials”.

Who should attend?

This workshop will be open to parents (suitable from 3 years of age onwards), class teachers, resource teachers and SNAs.

What will be covered?

  • Number and numeral recognition using the vocabulary of number – number words and connectives (before, more than etc.)
  • Counting forward and back
  • Counting in ones, twos and tens
  • Mathematical vocabulary, use of language and pronunciation
  • Arranging and rearranging to identify conservation of number recognizing pattern and relationships
  • Ordering, sequencing and comparing by size
  • Understanding and using the mathematics symbols
  • Understanding place value to partition and recombine numbers when calculating
  • Grouping to inform early understanding of multiplication and division
  • Money including the use of Numicon and real coins to understand coin values.
  • Time and the prerequisite Numeracy Skills

A maximum of 30 participants can attend this course as this enable the tutor to get around to everyone and the participants to work in pairs to maximize the amount of exposure they get.


The course costs €50 and includes course notes, lunches and all refreshments during the day.


Workshop Location

All workshops will be held at:

DSCork Centre 21,
Unit 7 Kilnap Business Park,
Old Mallow Road,
Blackpool, Cork City.


Registration for all the workshops is ESSENTIAL as all Please contact Catherine at DSCork 021 43 00 444.

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