Race Around Ireland with Jim Cuttriss for Down Syndrome Cork



Jim Cuttriss is making headlines.  He has taken on the mammoth task of training for the world renowned Race Around Ireland which starts from Trim, Co Meath on Sunday, 28th.  Jim has just over 5 days to complete the 2,150 km race as a solo cyclist.  Jim, on his first day of cycling, can spend up to 22 hours on the bike.  Jim will have ‘Team Amicus’ behind him all the way.  ‘Team Amicus’ will work in shifts to support Jim who while receiving route directions from the van, will eat on the bike, brush his teeth on the bike and speak to his wife and family etc, all on the bike.

This is not an undertaking for the fainthearted.  It is a gruelling and exhausting ordeal and you would have to wonder why anyone in their right minds will want to do this.  Jim has his own reasons and fortunately for Down Syndrome Cork, he is using this once only opportunity to raise funds for DSCork.  Jim has many contacts through his business and he is asking for support from them.

‘Team Amicus’ are major players behind the scenes.  Robert Hale, owner of Amicus Restaurant, Cork is joined by team captain, Jim’s brother Donnacha Cuttriss (4 time competitor in the RAI).  Also part of the team and an integral support to Jim are Steve ‘Stones’ Moloney, Sports Therapy and long time friend Jim Kirwan.

Behind the scenes, but an integral part of the training for Jim, is Tony Martin of Tony Martin Performance who has been working with Jim for months on his strength and conditioning.

Jim also pays tribute to Bill and Therese of The Coffee Pot, Blackpool who has breakfast ready for Jim every morning.

Finally, Jim’s family cannot be overlooked.  For months they have had to cope with Jim not being there as he is out on the bike.  They are delighted for Jim to be training and to be able to participate in this mammoth task but it does take its toll on family life and they are looking forward to having him back home in September.

Good luck to Jim and to Team Amicus from everyone in Down Syndrome Cork.

To donate, either send to DSCork offices or contact:


To find out more about the Race Around Ireland follow http://racearoundireland.com/

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