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CONNECT is a half-day, 2-year programme developed and delivered by Field of Dreams staff. It focuses on 4 main areas: Literacy, Life Skills, Creativity and Technology. The focus of the CONNECT Programme is to introduce students to the 4 elements above while approaching topics in a fun, accessible way. It takes a themed approach with a different topic for each week. Topics in Year 1 include music, movies & TV and food. Topics in Year 2 include personal safety and independent living skills. This is the perfect first step on a student’s learning journey with the Field of Dreams. 


Activation is a full-day, 1-year programme developed and delivered by Field of Dreams staff. It is a practical, hands-on programme focusing on the areas of horticulture, cookery, creativity and wellness. The focus of the programme is to develop a range of practical, everyday skills, with a strong social element, where teamwork is encouraged, and fun is assured! The ‘Farm to Fork’ sees Students learn to sow, grow, harvest and cook the food they produce. Students also engage in a range of different art projects as well as taking part in wellness activities such as yoga. 


Life Skills is a half-day, 1-year programme developed and delivered by Field of Dreams staff. The programme focuses on equipping the students with the skills needed to succeed in everyday life: independent living skills, employability and self-advocacy. Class activities are built around a weekly theme. Examples of some of the themes covered include dealing with change, speaking up for yourself, dealing with people and the world of work. Class activities can include teamwork tasks, group discussion, decision-making and problem-solving. 


Literacy & technology (also know as Latch-On) is a 2-day, 2-year programme developed by the University of Queensland. The focus of the programme is to develop students' confidence, communication skills and comprehension skills. The programme incorporates multiple forms of literacy including speaking and listening, viewing, reading, writing, the use of technology, sequencing, and creativity. The programme is suitable for all ability levels and is fully differentiated to ensure that each student is working on material that is appropriate for them. 

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This is a 2-day, 2-year programme developed and delivered by Field of Dreams staff. The programme is split into 2 parts: Field to Fork and Ready2Work. 

The Field to Fork programme combines horticulture and cookery elements and see students take an active part in every aspect of the 'farm to fork' experience including sowing, caring for, harvesting and cooking different foods. Students also learn about garden safety, kitchen safety, manual handling and food allergies. The stamina, resilience and skills built up during the programme tie in perfectly with those wanting to enter the world of work. 

The Ready2Work programme focuses on giving the students the skills necessary to attain and sustain work. The early part of the programme focuses on the pre-work phase: CVs, interviews, job identification etc. The latter part focuses on being in the workplace: dealing with people, dealing with challenging situations, time management etc. The programme also includes practical training in 3 areas: office skills, retail skills and hospitality skills. The programme is directly linked with our Employment Support Service. 


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